Luck of the Irish Morning Potatoes


Megan Zucchi

Luck of the Irish Morning Potatoes

Potato, Potato, what to do with a 5 pound bag of potatoes? Well, in my home, we are big potato lovers. Not a chance goes by if we can incorporate morning hash browns into our daily menu.

But how many times can you make hash browns with peppers and onions? This day I had the idea to use the leftover Best of Everything dip into my spuds.

I diced my Red Bliss potatoes and started sautéing them in my Mom’s favorite cast iron pan (yes this pan is over 50 years old). As they started to sizzle in a nice heaping spoon of butter, I gently stirred them until they became a golden brown. The smell of morning breakfast was awakening my household of hungry peeps. Better than an alarm clock for sure!

Time to add the dip. I turned the heat down and added 2 Tablespoons of made dip to my pan of potato goodness. As it melted and created a creamy mixture, I found that these potatoes became a wonderful addition to fried eggs. I served the eggs gently topping the creamy potatoes. Nothing better for a cold morning than a hearty breakfast.

Best Darn Hashbrowns