A warm Spring day makes me think of Pasta Salad


Megan Zucchi

A warm Spring day makes me think of Pasta Salad

As soon as I see the daffodils pop up, I am dreaming of getting my garden ready and cooking spring favorite recipes. For me, Garden Vegetable Pasta Salad is one that makes me smile. I LOVE the Farfalla Pasta shape because they look like a fancy bow tie (my boys looked so cute when they wore them).

So into my pantry I went to search for what to add to this fancy little salad. As I gathered this and that I spied some already made Garden Vegetable dip in the fridge. Hmmm, creamy pasta salad with fresh basil and diced cucumber and carrot. Perfect!

So out came my pasta pot and as the water boiled, I began the chopping process. Dicing my vegetables into my favorite glass bowl, I realized how easy the dressing would be using the dip. I added 1/2 cup of prepared dip, 1/2 of mayonnaise, and 3 T of white wine vinegar to my bowl. Whisking them together, I added some pepper and salt to taste. Once the pasta was done to perfection, it was drained and added to my bowl creating a creamy, warm pasta salad. Delicious.

Best Darn Pasta Salad