About Us

Megan Zucchi

The story of Best Darn Foods began with two best friends, over 40 years ago, who took their love of cooking and recipes and built a business that has stood the test of time. As the company grew, and the next generation took over, our recipes became gourmet additions to a growing list of products.

Today, Best Darn Foods may look new, but it is continuing the tradition of the two women who had a long friendship and a love of cooking. We are continuing with the original Best Darn Foods model – creating and making easy and delicious products that have no salt or preservatives for it's loyal and growing customer base. Comfort food and delicious meals have a way of drawing family and friends to your table. Busy homes need an easy way to bring everyone together.

All of our recipes can be altered to suit your dietary needs.

Best Darn Foods

“Cooking is love made visible, why not make it easy”