What is the shelf life of the Best Darn Foods mixes?

Our mixes have a six-month “Best If Used By” date from the day they are packaged. All of our blends are dried, so if properly stored, our “Best If Used By” date serves as a guide for freshness.

Can we substitute the dairy in the dips?

Yes, you can swap out the sour cream for yogurt or other dairy options. Simply adjust to your own taste pallet. Many spreads can be made as a dip. See our recipe page for options.

Are the Best Darn Foods mixes gluten-free?

All our gluten-free mixes are located under the gluten-free tab at the top of the website.

I lost the directions on how to prepare my soup, where can I find them?

Our Soup Recipes page has various recipe options for preparing our soups.

What's your cancellation and refund policy?

Unfortunately, Best Darn Foods does not restock returned items. Thus we do not accept returns of food items. Please contact us regarding any problem with your order.